#NaBloPoMo – #WeekendCoffeeShare: 2015, Nov 1-7

Bit late in the day for coffee at this point, although I did just enjoy a glass of soda.

Yesterday I finally got the application turned in for my son to be considered for enrollment to Sonoron Science & Math Academy next year (in which he will enter High School.  The main issue look to be his math skills.  I was told the school does not offer Algebra and so it is imperative that he pass his algebra course this year.  The fact that he is currently receiving a failing grade in that class doesn’t bode well, but it is early in the year so there is some hope he’ll squeak by at least.

I also stopped by to check another school called Rose Academy.  I found out that I cannot submit an application until he actually graduates 8th grade.  The application for the 16-17 year begins in June of 2016 (the school year begins in august).  Rose Academy is an independent study type school.  Basically you are in class 4 hours a day (friday’s being optional) and then do the remainder of the class work, online, at home.

There is also another school, a boarding school, that caters specifically to high-functioning Autistic kids (my son has low level autism, technically aspergers).  A big problem is that this school is showing as having a less than good reviews, however we do not know why this is so.    I also want to know more about the academics of the school as well as it’s (for lack of better words) mainstreaming & socialization capabilities.  I want to know how equipped are the kids, who graduate, in being prepared to handle life after graduation and function in a normally functioning world.

Tuesday was spent pretty much running around with the hubby running errands and then going to a Mary Kay training meeting (as I wrote about in an earlier blogpost).

So that’s how my week went.  Make sure to check out my other blogs, which I will be posting to shortly.

And be sure and check out the other entries or this week’s Weekend Coffee Share…  Here’s a few entries to get you started


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