#NaBloPoMo – Sorry I missed Yesterday

Yesterday I was pretty much on the go most all day.   Starting with a a check of my Mary Kay facial boxes (along with a quick run to my son’s school to pick up  some of his school work) in the late morning.    That took me a couple hours  and by the time I got home it was well past lunch.  After lunch, it was off with the hubby to run some errands.   After which he dropped off for my Mary Kay meeting…..

I had thought about trying to blog from phone while out running errands with hubby but it didn’t work out that way.  But back to the Mary Kay training meeting…,,

That meeting can be described in one word Awesome!!   We had an awesome evening of training, followed by some recognition.  I made it to the WOW club


And got a pin and bag


I also got goodies just for working my business and placing a minimum order in October.

An stole won my team leaders Star Consultant prize.


Not a bad night.

Ohhhh and I found out our awesome team has made up about 1/3 of our entire units production this quarter…. How awesome is that


2 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo – Sorry I missed Yesterday

  1. […] Yesterday, our son ended up staying home again as his cough & sniffles were worse than they had been on Monday.  I had to go out to check on my “Facial Boxes”  and while I was out I stopped by my son’s school to get his homework.  In the afternoon, me and The Hubby went out to run a couple errands after which he dropped me off at my MaryKay meeting (which was absolutely AWESOME – The meeting that is…  You’ll have to check out the post on my personal blog from yesterday:  “Sorry I missed Yesterday“) […]


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