#NaBloPoMo & #ShareYourWorld

This month is both National Novel Writing Month and National Blog Post Month.  I’m participating in the latter on all 4 of my blogs, so be sure and check them out

So my post for today is for Cee’s Share Your World – Week 43

Okay, so apparently the copy feature is messed up so I’m going to do my best to type the questions as Cee has them (sorry Cee for any goof ups)…{ohhh yeah and select is apparently messed up as well}

If you were on a debate team what general  topic would you relish debating?

Personally, hate debating.  I’m terrified at it…  In fact I’m a terrible speaker in general.  RoundTable discussions are better (if not too big/too many people) as it allows you to listen and input your thoughts & ideas 

What’s your strongest sense?

Well obviously not my hearing.  I’m partially deaf in my right ear (which lately has been feeling plugged up which makes my hearing worse).  My eyesight isn’t the greatest either.  I need glasses for both far distance (driving) and near (reading/computer) — I could stand to use bi-focals but can’t afford and not sure how I feel about them. Nothing wrong with my sense of taste or smell, but not sure how “strong” they are.

what would you name the autobiography of your life?

I honestly have no idea — “My Boring, Crazy Life” maybe

List your favorite type or flavor of tea

So how many are we supposed to list??  Well here’s a few favorites of mine

  • Spearamint (like Morrocan & Nana)
  • Chai tea 
  • Lemon tea
  • I also like some fruity teas at times.

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