#WeekendCoffeeShare: 2015, Oct 04

Looks like I, yet again, missed a week in the Weekend Coffee Share.  I never got around to doing last week’s CoffeeShare….  Figures.

I recently made the leap to giving Pericope  a try.   I’ve only done a handful of scopes myself (between two accounts) – I think maybe half a dozen give or take.  My hope/goal is to try to scope on a regular (daily) basis from each of my two accounts (@Pioneergirl08 and @PubSafetyTidbit)

We are in the middle of Sukkot here.  Our Sukkah is a very simple one and really is in need of more foliage on the roof.  The walls aren’t much to speak of either….  Just some tarps thrown up.  Sukkah’s are designed to be temporary so our’s will be coming down as soon as Sukkot is over.


Just added a bit more foliage to roof:  

The other thing that happened this last week was Parent-Teacher Conferences at my son’s school.  I guess it went pretty well,  although there were a couple tense moments.  My son’s grades could also be a lot better, something we are trying to address.

I guess that’s pretty much this week for me.  How has your week been?



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