#WeekendCoffeeShare: 2015, Sept 20

Hey everyone.  Got a couple quick things to share with you as we sit down for Coffee/Tea/What-Have-You.  I’ll try to make this relatively short.  As I write type this,  I am also in the process of emailing myself the rest of the photos I took from this mornings “Climb 4 The Fallen” event.  I’ll be doing a short blog about this event over on Public Safety Tidbits.

To go along with the above event (but let me first clarify that I am in no way associated or affiliated with said event),  I have been doing a Donation Special through my Mary Kay business.  I have an event set up on Facebook if anyone’s is interested – Basically what’s going on is that this last week 20% of the proceeds  from sales received this last week were to go to the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation and for today I was making it 25%.  Plus, anyone interested in going together with friends and getting together an order of $300,  I would donate 30% of said order/ $400 would equal 40% being donated.   Since the websites (for Mary Kay & personal Mary Kay websites) are to be down for maintenance, I am extending the event till tomorrow.  If anyone has a friend or loved one in the fire-service, especially if you have lost someone – this would be a great way to donate to a wonderful organization that helps Injured & Fallen Firefighters and their families…  Plus you get great product.

The other thing I want to share is that my doctor has me trying out a couple new meds  to try and get my coughing under control.  First, he took me off  the Q-Var and has put me on another maintenance inhaler called FloVent.  In addition he’s also trying me on Singulair.  I still have my rescue inhaler – ProAir, and still have some Benzonotate to help suppress cough (though I’m running low and they only marginally work).  It’s hard to tell yet, but I think the FloVent is doing better than the QVar was…  At the very least I don’t think I’m having the harsh coughing reaction that I was having to the Q-Var (which is weird because Q-Var isn’t suppose to cause coughing.

So that’s what’s going on in my neck of the woods.  Hope you all have an Awesome Week and don’t forget to check out more Coffee Shares from this week hosted by Diane at PartTime Monster.


5 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: 2015, Sept 20

  1. Hope your cough gets better quickly. I’m recovering from bronchitis and in my last weekend coffee share, I had a photo of me on the nebuliser. Doesn’t it get scary? I am currently working my way through the Proust Character Questionnaire, which has so far seen me delving into happiness and fear. It’s been quite a mental journey. Hope you have a good week and start feeling better xx Rowena

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    • Proust Character Questionnaire sounds interesting. Thankfully the coughing isn’t so much scary for me as irritating. I think we’re getting somewhere, as I’m not having the harsh non-stop cough I was. Sniffles are under control too, I think. Bronchitis is no fun. Had mild form (I think) when friends we were living w/ had

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