#WeekendCoffeeShare: 2015, Sept 06

Gosh,  Can’t believe it’s really been 2 months (give or take) since I last participated in the weekly Coffee Share – Make sure you head over to check out other “Coffee Shares” –  (hosted by Diane over at Part Time Monster).

First, let me share the AWESOME news with you all….  Your ready for this???  I made my goal the one I was writing about in this coffee share:  https://jottingsandwritings.wordpress.com/2015/07/12/weekendcoffeeshare-2015-july-05-11/  — I actually earned enough from my FaceBook party to get my starter kit.  In fact, it ended up being a bit of a birthday gift to myself.  I had originally planned to run the party  through the 31st of July, but decided to  add a little bit of extra time incase people wanted catalogs (or “Look Books”) sent out – so the party officially ran till the -07th of August, which was the day I “bought” my kit.  Now I am working towards getting my first “activating” order in.  So far I haven’t gotten there yet, but I’m not giving up and not giving in….  btw, if you don’t currently have a consultant and are interested in ordering Mary Kay product, in receiving a complimentary facial (for those in  the NW Tucson/SW Marana, Arizona area only), or are interested in hearing about and/or becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant {There’s an awesome deal going on for the month of September only} – send me an email at tdcarr@marykay.com; You can also view my personal MK website at marykay.com/tdcarr  as well as my facebook page at Tena Carr, MaryKay Independent Beauty Consultant.

OK so now that I’ve shamelessly spammed… errr. shared…. my awesome news about becoming a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant…..

Maybe it’s just me, but every time I turn around it seems like I’m out running around, taking are of errands and what not or going to some appointment for my husband or my son.  I get to the weekend and I find myself pretty well exhausted.  Saturday’s, lately, are generally spend being lazy or napping.  This constant coughing fit I keep having lately isn’t really helping matters, nor is the constant sniffle sniffle from sinus drainage.    My doctor had started me on flonase to help with the sinus drainage , which it did, but then the coughing was becoming more intense.   When I mentioned the coughing being more intense, my doctor recommended that I stopped the flonase.   That helped with the coughing but now I’m back to having the constant sniffles & sinus drainage which leads me to  go around sniffling all day long and feeling like I have a constant tickle in my throat….   Right now I’m on a 6 day diminishing dose of a prednisone, but so far I’m not seeing and improvements.  Seems like I can’t win for loosing with this one  and to be perfectly honest,  this constant sniffle/cough  is becoming more than a little annoying.  In fact, I wouldn’t blame you if you were suddenly put down the coffee/tea/etc I just offered you and suddenly started looking around for a large bottle of sanitizer.  If you were to see me you’d think I was sick (or worse, on drugs or something), but I assure you I am not any of those.

I’ve gone on enough about the good and bad in my life….  So now, tell me about  your week (or rather the past couple months).


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