#WeekendCoffeeShare: 2015, July 12 – 25

Joining in for another Weekend Coffee Share


I have to apologize for missing last weeks Coffee Share, and, for jumping in and out on this week so fast.  It seems like it’s been so crazy around here that I can’t even recall what was happening last weekend that I missed out…  Or maybe it was that I was so exhausted that I completely spaced or skipped right over.  In any event, I’m sorry I missed.

As it is, I don’t even really have time this week but at least wanted to pop in and say Hi to you all and hope you all had a really good week and wish you all the best in the coming week.

I’m off with the family, this evening to a movie event and it’s gonna be time to get ready to go here pretty soon….  Ohh, almost forgot,  my son got home yesterday from his 2 week trip up to Oregon to see Grandpa.  He survived his week long (approximately) RV ride with great grandma and then the flight home which included a transfer.  Actually, he’s flown a number of times by himself and he did have an escort to help w/ transfer from one flight to next.  It really is great to have him back home…  Hard to believe school starts up here the end of this week (at least for the school he goes to).

I’ve spend way to much time and need to get going .  Hopefully I’ll catch at least a few Coffee Share’s this week.


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