#WeekendCoffeeShare: 2015, July 05 – 11

Joining in for another Weekend Coffee Share

Sorry to jump in and out.  To be honest, I nearly forgot all about doing our weekly coffee share in the midst of everything els I was working on….  If truth be told, there really ins’t much to share this week.

I’ve been spending a pretty good amount of time deciding on invites to a Mary Kay Facebook Party I’m planning to help me (possibilily) launch my career.    I think (but don’t know for sure) that we will be opening things up (to some degree) to allow for ordering for those who were not apart of the main party….  To be honest, I don’t know how this whole thing works.  Got a bit of learning curve  against me (and pretty sure I’ll end up driving my potential future leader absolutely nuts answering my questions.

I’ll have to let you know if I actually raise enough funds to launch my career as a Mary Kay Consultant, but (for now) the first step is to actually have the party….  WISH ME LUCK (I think I’ll need it).



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