I Don’t Hate People, I just (sometimes) Hate dealing with them.

For the most part I think people are pretty decent and good people.  I’ve made a number of friends on Facebook and Twitter that I would like to have the opportunity to meet in person. some day (yeah, wishful thinking)…  Plus I’ve made a few friends & acquaintances over the years.  Some I talk to regularly others  our paths cross  every once in a while….

Still sometimes I get tired of dealing with people, tired of being judged, tired of feeling like an absolute Fuck Up (forgive language there) in the eyes of others. I’m tired of having to ask others for help when I know, deep down, that they really don’t really want to.  Tired of knowing that people see us as complete failures.

I hate that we are considered to be less because we aren’t filthy rich with some sheepskin on our walls with some big long fancy title after our name.  I hate that we have never (and will never) measure up  and that we are stuck in a situation where that fact is constantly being shoved in our faces.

I’m tired of going to pay for our groceries and having the embarrassment of having the transaction authorization fail because there wasn’t as much Food Stamps (yea, that’s right – something to judge us on, being low-lifes on Food Stamps)  or money in the bank as we thought, and feeling like people are standing there judging us poorly {Okay in all fairness maybe they aren’t and likely they don’t care one way or the other}  I’m tired of getting to the middle of the month and realizing there’s still month left at the end of the money and wondering how the F we’re gonna get through without daring to ask for help (cause who the hell are we gonna ask anyway).



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