#WeekendCoffeeShare: 2015, June 14 -20

Time once again for another WeekendCoffeeShare with PartTimeMonster

I know it’s a bit late for some, but can I interested in a sort of coffee smoothie?


It’s really actually kind of simple (if you can get the ice to liquid ratio correct.

Basically, you make your coffee extra (or extra extra) strong and put it in the fridge to get cold (or you can add ice cubes to cool it down)  I use about 1/3  or so (under 1/2) of the cup for my “coffee smoothie)…  The rest of the cup I either drink as a regular cup of hot coffee (pouring the part for the smoothie into another cup).  I don’t actually measure the amount of creamer (you can use any flavor you choose) I use, but I’d say it’s probably a good 2-3 ounces (???), same with the ice cubes – I don’t know exactly how many but I think it’s a good 8-10 cubes.  Lastly (and this is purely optional), I add a good size pinch of ground flaxseed.  Put this all in a blender and turn on “ice crush” (this is where I really wish I had a Ninja Mixer).  Blend until the ice is well crushed and everything is mixed together… WaLa…  Coffee Smoothie

So now that I’ve shared my simple coffee smoothie recipe, you’re probably wondering (ok, I’m assuming you are) what all I’ve been up to this last week.

Too be perfectly honest, I can’t remember what all I did this past week…  Nothing exciting stands out in my mind for this past week.  I know, that’s terrible – especially after fussing at my son  for not remembering a single thing he did at camp the wee before last (but then he also was spending his time thinking of more negative things).

Let’s see….

I volunteered, again, at Butterfly Boutique this week on Tuesday & Thursday.  Tuesday was an especially busy day for me –  My son had an eye exam that morning, then we went straight to Butterly Boutique.  After that we headed over to the food bank for our monthly allotment of food.  This time actually went pretty well and the food we got was stuff we could actually use  (There have been a number of times where we’ve had half the bag be stuff we can’t use due to dietary restrictions – and they won’t always let you trade – but then since we are on assistance (due to hubby being disabled), we shouldn’t complain, right!?! and just be thankful of what we get even if we can’t use or could make hubby sick —  Sorry started to rant a bit there.

On Thursday, at Butterfly, there was a bit of confusion with which colored tags were to be 50% off and which were to be 75% off.  Without going into a lengthy explanation, As far as we knew June was to be Pink 50%, Red 75% for the whole month of June and then in July it would go to Pink being 75% off and the Purple being 50% (Red’s would be delegated to the $1 rack)…  When I came in to work, it seemed that someone had changed the sign in the store (up on the wall) to the pricing for July…  But the sidewalk chalkboard still had June’s pricing.  Since we do’t know how changed the in store one, we couldn’t be sure if the change was through “administration” or if someone just took it upon themselves to change one but not the other….  This whole confusion led to a bit of discussion between me and who I was working with that day as to the need for a store manager (the old one moved away) to keep things running smoothly and make these decisions.

Anyhoo,  I came home with the crazy thought I might just get to relax a bit after a busy morning and them spend some time getting a blogpost up on another blog I run…  I thought wrong.  Turned out I had to help get my son packed up for his first experience at Camp Fiesta Island so he’d be ready to go bright and early this morning.

So that was pretty much my week.  How about yours?  How was it?  Exciting? Quiet?  Fun?  Love to hear from you.


Have a Good Week Everyone




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