Thursday Thirteen: Things I’ve Done

Thought I’d join Part-Time Monster for another Thursday Thirteen.  A while back we did a Never Have I Ever List (Read mine here).  This week the challenge….  and I have no idea where this challenge originates or how it really works, I’m just tagging along with Diana (?) from Part-Time Monster…  Where was I??  Oh yeah, the Thursday Thirteen – Things I’ve Done (or Things I’ve Crossed Off My Bucket List)

  1. Marched in a Band (in High School)
  2. Visited Victoria,  B.C. (part of above)
  3. Took and EMT course (sadly way out of date on cert 😦 )
  4. Almost became a step-mom (would’ve been one if guy I dated once upon a time and I had stayed together
  5. Rode with a trucker in “big rig” (same guy in list item above)
  6. “Helped” Dad fly airplane (as a child – Never did try for my pilots license though)
  7. Traveled to the Grand Canyon
  8. Took a Mule Ride on same Grand Canyon
  9. Drove Truck and Trailer (pop-up tent) from Texas to Arizona (while hubby drove U-Haul truck towing our – at the time – van to be delivered to buyer).
  10. Co-Hosted a Blog Talk Show for a short time and Hosted my own without a Co-Host.  Let me tell you that’s entertaining hosting alone.
  11. Acted as “Pack Trainer for the Cub Scout pack my son was in (Not sure how good a job I really did with that, but it was mainly a matter of keeping track of certifications and making sure people were up-to-date on trainings.
  12. I don’t know the technical name but worked in a position just below that of Certified Nursing Assistance (Basically Nursing Assistant without the actual Certification (Did take the course however).
  13. Rode on Amtrak…  Been a long time since I’ve been on a train…  And I imagine it’ll be a good long time (if ever) before I ever get the opportunity again.





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