#WeekendCoffeeShare – 2015, June 7 – 13

Whoooaaaaa, SHIT.  I’m not too late am I??  Hold on gotta check…..

Phewww…  Looks like I’ve made it, with time to spare.  But I best get cracking on this week’s WeekendCoffeeShare with PartTime Monsters.

So what’s been going on with you all this week?

Me?  Not much really  My son was at camp this week (I’ll tell you more about that over at Life Happens).    I also volunteered 2 days this week at a place called the Butterfly Boutique here in Tucson (Apparently there’s a couple other Butterfly Boutiques out there (several thousand miles away and unrelated to the one I volunteered at.  Monday was apparently a bit slow (as Mondays usually are), but Thursday was a bit better – in regards to the amount of money we brought in.  All the clothes and items we sell there are donated (not to be confused with consignment shops) and all the workers are volunteers.  Butterfly Boutique is the brainchild of a woman by the name of Torre and 100% of the profits from this store are used to help with the Tuition for the girls at Springboard Girl’s Home, which is apart of Teen Challenge.  I have heard they have a success rate of around 80% (the highest in the state of Arizona).  In fact, I had the chance to work with one of the graduates of Springboards as she volunteered for a short stint at Butterfly.  I also got to here her speak at a volunteer event just prior to her planned graduation.   Her goal in life??  To go into missionary work (this from a girl who ran away from home and was heavily into drugs.  If you’re in the Tucson area,  I invite you  to come check out the store (In the shopping center on the corner of Ina &Thornydale just down from Bookman’s).

Sorry, guess I got a bit carried away there.

I was also blessed with some new clothes (well new to me) while volunteering.  My gma Fran (not my real gma but just like one) bought me some new clothes…  Ohhh yes, and a blizzard on Thursday 🙂

Wishing you all a most wonderful week ahead.

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