#WeekendCoffeeShare – 2015, May 24 – May 30

Back again for another  Weekend Coffee Share, though technically not the weekend anymore.

If you were to come over for coffee over the weekend, I’d offer a cup (with the exception of Saturday when I don’t make coffee) but you would have found me quite busy with various projects if not in a “zone”  like state due to the tremendous heat – This week is looking to be near or over 100 degrees all week long.

I’d tell you how my father was in town last week, though I didn’t really see him but once or twice.  I’d also tell you how I had to go to two different appointments, one for my husband and one for my son.  Then, on Friday, I drove my step-mother to catch a shuttle up to Phoenix so she could catch a flight to Europe to do some biking up there — I wish her a fun and safe trip. I’d briefly mention the Open House I went to at the Northwest Fire Training Center and the video I put together, but I’ll leave the details on that for Public Safety Tidbits I’d take a moment to ask how you’re week has been and while it might seem like I’m too busy to care, I’d hope you had a good week and that your week ahead is a good one as well.


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