Share Your World 2015: Week 21

Joining in on another of Cee’s Share Your World challenges.  If you’d like to join the fun head on over to this week’s challenge – Week 21

Time to go big or go home…  Gonna list stuff for every category:

  • Favorite Songs
  1. Beer for our Horses (Toby Keith  Willie Nelson)
  2. Island in the Streams (Kenny Rogers.  Sung with Dolly Parton; also with Carrie Underwood.
  3. Addicted to a Dollar (Doug Stone)
  4. Proud Mary (Tina Turner)
  • Favorite flowers or plants
  1. Double Delights (Rose) – All time top favorite (smell & look wonderful)
  2. Hydrangea
  3.  Azaleas
  4. There was a flower that grew around one of my old baby sitter’s house.  Forget name or what looked like.  Grew in hanging pots and draped over side.   Remember popping them open.  They were white  red (or dark pinkish red).
  • Favorites types of tea
  1. Chai
  2. Moroccan tea (by Stash)/Nana (by Whitsozsky (spelling?)
    1. Insert quick heart attack here…  In process of looking up spelling of tea I opened in same tab, instead of opening new one.  Thought I was gonna loose work done so far.
  3. Sometimes like fruity type flavors like peach, pomegranate)
  4. Holiday type blends (w/ nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, etc) are nice too

sorry for number within number above.  Wanted to interrupt list with little side note/blurb but only way to do without interrupting list is what you see above.

  • Favorite types of animals
  1. Dogs
  2. Cats
  3. Horses
  4. Lady Bugs
  • List of favorite blogs
  1. Cee’s Photography (goes without saying) – Awesome photos and photo challenges.
  2. Blunderdad – Always making me laugh with his true to life anecdotes about family life with 2 (?) teenage girls.
  3. Tommias Tablet – Lovely photos
  4. Chronicles of an Anglo-Swiss & Cat Chronicles – A humorous look at life’s adventures of an Anglo Swiss and her Cats.
  • Stuff that makes you laugh {not a big laugher but will give it a go}
  1. A good joke
  2. Antics of a playful pet
  3. A child laughing & playing
  • Movies to cheer you up
  1. Wizard of Oz
  2. Airplane (One & Two)
  3. Princess Diaries (One & Two)
  4. Top Gun
  • Favorite actors/actresses
  1. Judy Garland
  2. Randy Mantooth
  3. Vicki Lawrence
  4. David Hasselhoff
  • Good restaurants to eat at {Don’t eat out a lot anymore, but here’s some I have in the past}
  1. Melting Pot
  2. Applebees
  3. Olive Garden
  4. (and my son’s favorite) – Chopstix
  • Best desserts
  1. French Silk Pie
  2. Lemon Meringue Pie
  3. Ice Cream (too many flavors to lis)
  4. Cupcakes with lots of frosting 😉 😀
  • Games to play with friends
  1. Uno (the game that keeps going & going)
  2. Statue (?) – someone spins you around and however you stop you “freeze” then you have to think of something/someone to be and act out part w/ minimal movement/ or you stay frozen and say what you are.
  3. War (card game)
  4. Life (this is my son’s favorite game)
  • Fun things for a rainy day
  1. Reading a book
  2. Playing a game (board or card)
  3. Writing or Blogging
  4. Watching Thunderstorms (on stormy days)
  • Books I want to read
  1. Revenge of the Reaper (currently reading Reqper’s Requiem)
  2. She Tumbled Down by Lorraine Devon Wilke
  3. The Snake Pit by Donna Dillon
  4. Elementals:  A Paranormal Romance
  • Things I want to have in my home (paintings, hot tubs, book cases, big screen tv etc)
  1. If money no object, a hot-tub would be nice
  2. Books (of course – gotta have books) & book cases to put them in
  3. Photos & Drawings/Artwork (just don’t like bare walls)
  4. Computer/Laptop
  • Places worth shopping
  1. For food shopping my favorite is Fry’s Food Stores.
  2. We do a fair amount at Walmart as there are certain items only they carry.
  3. Just found out about Kitchen Collection (at Foothills Mall in Tucson,AZ) – So many cook cooking gadgets – some we could use, some we just want.
  4. Harbor Freight (Candy/Toy store for the hubby)

And there you’ve got my list.  A little later I’ll be heading over to Part-Time Monster to try out a new challenge –  Thursday Thirteen (this week it’s the “Never List“), so stay tuned.


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