“Never Have I Ever” – Thursday Thirteen

Came across this challenge (?) over at Part-Time Monster (Thursday Thirteen).  So, here goes….

Never have I ever:

1) Gone Bungee Cording (or whatever it’s called), Nor do I have any interest in doing so.

2) Written a book (though I have written some micro-short stories here (and no on my blog Taini Writes)

3) Gotten my pilots license (I have flown in an airplane quite a few times and use to “help” my dad fly our Cessna 182, even “flew” myself a couple times with dad in plane of course.

4) Gotten a college degree.  Sad, I know.  Went to college for 5-6 years in my 20’s and for another year (or just under) in my early 40’s and no degree to show for my efforts.  Did take and pass what is equivalent to EMT-B now and took State registry exam.  Certification is long since expired.

5)  Been mountain or rock climbing

6) Gone on a bicycle tour

7) Been out of the country (except Victoria, BC – if that counts)

8) Driven an 18-wheeler.  I did ride in once or twice (an ex-boyfriend was a trucker.  Ohhh and I did drive a short motor home once for a very short bit.

9) Painted a picture – Unfortunately artistic abilities were not passed down to me from my mother.  I have a facebook page for her at NancyPolkArtist

10) Starred, or even acted in (not even as extra) a movie

11) Beeen a Firefighter (nor could I, My hats off to the guys/gals who do this job)

12) Been a Police Officer (see above)

13)Been on a cruise

There’s lots of “Never Have I Ever” things for me to list  but actuallya thinking of them was harder than I thought…  Still, this was fun.  Perhaps I’ll be back next week for another “Thursday  Thirteen” from Part-Time MonsterList


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