#AtoZChallenge: #Cooking Terms – S is for……..

I realize the AtoZChallenge is over.  I did so well starting off, despite a rough start with Passover right at the beginning of April…  Then a bit of vertigo due to impacted ear-wax (yes earwax)  had me down and out for a couple of days.  A history of ear trouble didn’t help matters anyway.  Once back up on my feet (so to speak)  I had shit load of things to catch up on and sadly the #AtoZChallenge was unable to be at the top of the list – certainly not in the eyes of my family.

SUnable to decide on a single  term, I’ve decided to just go ahead and list several different cooking terms that start with the letter S

Sauté To cook food quickly in a small amount of fat in a pan over regulated direct heat.

From the French word sauter, meaning “to jump.” Sauteed food is cooked and stirred in a small amount of fat over fairly high heat in an open, shallow pan. Food cut into uniform size sautes the best.

Sear To brown a food, usually meat, quickly on all sides using high heat. This helps seal in the juices and may be done in the oven, under a broiler, or on top of the range.

Sieve To separate liquids from solids, usually using a sieve.

Skim To remove a substance, such as fat or foam, from the surface of a liquid.

Steam To cook a food in the vapor given off by boiling water.

Steep To soak dry ingredients such as ground coffee, herbs, spices, etc. in liquid (generally done with liquid at just below boiling point) until the flavor is infused into it.

Stew To cook food in liquid for a long time until tender, usually in a covered pot. The term also refers to a mixture prepared this way.

Stir To mix ingredients with a spoon or other utensil to combine them, to prevent ingredients from sticking during cooking, or to cool them after cooking.



Join me on an A to Z Journey of Cooking Terms throughout the month of April.


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