#AtoZChallenge: #Cooking Terms – Roux

I realize the AtoZChallenge is over.  I did so well starting off, despite a rough start with Passover right at the beginning of April…  Then a bit of vertigo due to impacted ear-wax (yes earwax)  had me down and out for a couple of days.  A history of ear trouble didn’t help matters anyway.  Once back up on my feet (so to speak)  I had shit load of things to catch up on and sadly the #AtoZChallenge was unable to be at the top of the list – certainly not in the eyes of my family.

RFor R, I had narrowed it down to Roast/Roasting and Roux.  I thought I’d go with “Roux”.

A roox roux is relatively easy to make with only 2 ingredients – A fat (butter or grease) and Flour, but it can also be difficult to execute properly.    White flour does work best, however you can use a white whole-wheat flour (of a mixture of both white wholewheat and white flours).  I would recommend NOT using the heavier/harsher regular (red) wholewheat  (We’ve tried that before and it just doesn’t work out right).  If you are making the roux into a gravy (or really any sauce) you’ll want to have your liquid (water or milk) ready to go —  Trust me, this is critical.  You don’t want to be clambering around for liquid while your roux is on the stove trying to burn.

To make your roux, start by heating up your fat (butter or grease) on a medium heat.  Once your fat is good & hot, and melted, add approximately an equal amount of flour and whisk vigorously to blend your flour in with your fat.  You should end up with a kind of paste.  You’ll want to cook another minute or two (just keep an eye on it & don’t go anywhere as you don’t want your roux to burn).  From here you can immediately go into making your sauce or gravy or (apparently you can also fridge the roux and use later according to this recipe from the Food Network by Alton Brown:  http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/white-roux-recipe.html


Join me on an A to Z Journey of Cooking Terms throughout the month of April.


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