#AtoZChallenge: #Cooking Terms – Mise en Place

MThe term Mise en Place is a french term meaning “everything in it’s place.    The importance of Mise en Place is in having everything ready so that when it is needed the item is easily at hand.  A perfect example of where Mise en Place is helpful would be in the making of stir-fry.  Having all your vegetables pre-cuts  means that you can easily add them to your stir-fry in the order in which you desire to get the cooking texture you wish.  Another example of where Mise en Place is handy is in the making of cake.  Having all your ingredients together makes the mixing of your ingredients a lot quicker.

Mise en Place goes further than just having your ingredients set out and ready to go ahead of time.  It also includes reading the recipe completely through before hand so that you know what steps are necessary.  You would then read the recipe again step by step following each step as you read it.


Join me on an A to Z Journey of Cooking Terms throughout the month of April.


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