#DailyPrompt: Clone Wars

Imagine for a moment if it were in the realm of possibility to clone yourself.  Scientifically it’s been done with certain animals and (so I’ve heard) with some parts of the human anatomy…  But a completing cloning of a person  with body, spirit, soul, the whole shebang…  The only being capable of that would be G-d Almighty himself.  I guess you could say, in a sense, that twins are a clones of a sort but not really.  While twins will have many similarites and a special connection to each other they are each their own individual person.  Even  identical twins  are individual….  But we’re suppose to be imagining that we could somehow, magically, be cloned so as to divide up our responsibilities  so….

Back to imagining the possibilities….

For starters, I think there’d be a bit of an Ewww factor at the idea of more than one of me running around, not to mention downright creepy.  As or dividing up my responsibilities??  I’d definitely have my clone do the cleaning.    It’s definitely not my favorite thing to do…  But then if you’re talking a clone of myself,  she/me probably wouldn’t want to do the cleaning either 😉 😛   Another would perhaps be the cooking, though actually  I kind of enjoy cooking sometimes…  Just not all the peeling and cutting.  I would probably also want to split up the  HoneyDo, “Hon/Mom can you…..”  duties.  One thing I wouldn’t want my clone to do for me —  My writing and blogging.  I prefer to do that part myself, thank you very much!

How would you divy up your roles if you had a clone?

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