Pondering: Bridge

I’m joining BYG Adventure for another of her pondering challenge.  This week the word is Bridge.

When I think of the word “Bridge”, I think of the game.  I learned about the game from one of my grandmothers, but never actually learned to play the game myself. 

And then there’s the generation gap.  How do you “bridge” the generation gap?  Don’t look at me, I sure don’t have the answer.

One phrase  (or word usage) that I use to hear, a few years back, was the word “Cool” or “Kool”. Sounds innocent enough except that one was a compliment and the other stood for “Constipated Over-rated Out-of-style Looser.  So someone could say “you’re cool” and you wouldn’t know if they were paying you a compliment or insulting you.  I have no idea what catch-phrases are out there these days.  No doubt some would have me shaking my head.  But then the kids of today would, no doubt, be shaking their heads at the words used by my generation… Talk about a need to Bridge the generation gap.


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