Highlighting 2014

Since a number of bloggers out there seem to be doing a year-end blog, highlighting their best of 2014, I thought I’d do the same (or similar)….

I started this blog back in   (and have since then added a few others….

According to the WordPress Stats, the top 5 most viewed posts/pages (not counting the about me or home page) for the year are:

#5 – WWBH Stores Page (with 49 views)


#3 – Pros, Cons, and Differences – Facebook vs Twitter (with 59 views)

#2 – 280: What Does It Mean (with 70 views)

And In The #1 Position:

Words That Describe Firefighters (with 887 views)

And the 5  most Liked?

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge from February 2014

Cee’s which Way Photo Challenge from October 2014

Words that describe Firefighters

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Fresh

About Me (page)

So which are my favorite?    Well I’ll start by saying this —  Trying to choose my “favorite” anything is a daunting task by itself, much less trying to pick which of my own blogs I like the best, but here’s a list (of one per month) starting back in January of this year:

But first here’s a look at my very first blogpost here:  Why Do I Like Writing

January:  The very post I did this year (back on January 01) was a Share Your World post (a set of 4 questions that Cee Neur challenges us to answer).  Here’s my answers for Week 47 (ohhh that’s 2013 by the way). You can read more of my Share Your World responses here.

February:  Daily Prompt:  Duped (Tainted Love

March:  Five Sentence Fiction:  Companion

April:  Each April, AprilA2Z challenges bloggers to write a blog each day (Sunday’s off for “good behavior”) starting with the letter A and ending with Z.  This is my second year doing this (though the first year was “unofficial” since I missed the sign-up deadline.  I decided to do the History of Paramedicine.  The link to the first  blog I did for this seems to be broken, but here’s letter B – B is for Biophone.  I haven’t yet decided if I want to give the challenge a go this year or not.

May:  Pink is one of my favorite colors.  In One Word Photo Challenge/Floral Friday,  I got to use a photo I took of some flowers along a nearby bike path in two challenges.

June:  In June, I decided to give Writing 101 a try.  A Mountainous View is the second blog I did or that.

July:  July was Camp NaNo month.  Just like a child being nervous about going to camp for the first time, I was nervous about “going” to Camp NaNo.  I have to admit I had a good time and met some new friends like Marie over at Writing Wings For You,  Rhonda over at A Novel Journey, and Shawn L. Bird.   I decided to blog about my experience and started with Day One.   I’m looking forward to giving Camp NaNo a try again this coming year and looking forward to being in the same cabin with the lovely ladies I was with before. Only problem??? —  I have no idea what I’ll even be writing (but then I didn’t this year … Hello “pantser”.

August:  One of the challenges I like to try out from time to time is Sunday Stills.  This particular challenge had to do with The Sky (though I forget the specific challenge name).

September:   I haven’t done too many of these “Wordless Wednesdays” (partly time, partly not really having good photos to use for them).  This Wordless Wednesday was one of my favorites.  I was told that this was like the first time in 15, or 30?, years that the river had come up this high.

October:  This particular Daily Prompt Challenge was fun.  Take a First Memory and do a Reverse Shot (writing from another’s perspective)

November:  Sunsets and Roses two of my favorite things.

And so now we come to December:  Just a fun little Cosmic Musicology challenge I jump on board for from time to time.

And so there you have my tops & favorites for the year.  Looking forward to another year of blogging in 2015.

Happy Blogging to all  🙂


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