One Last Blogpost Before Bed — #DailyPrompt : Who’s Your Hero

Today’s Daily Prompt (My Hero) asks….

Who’s your hero? Tell us a story about why that person plays such an important role in your life.

First, my hero isn’t a single person but a group of people….  Those who daily risk their lives to keep us safe and to protect us.   Those who run towards danger when others are running from it….  They are the Firefighters, The Police officers, The men & women who serve in the Military.  They are the true heroes and my heroes…

I don’t have a story to put with this, but I will say this.  In my opinion these guys don’t make enough for the dangers they constantly find themselves in.  When asked  why they do what they do, the answer I’ve often received from the firefighters boils down to the fact that they love what they do…  They Love their job.  It sure as hell isn’t for the money.



Author: Tena Carr

Why Jottings & Writings?? Because my (main) blog is a mixture of thoughts/opinions (jottings) and my attempts at (very) short story challenges (writings). Interests? - Pretty much anything to do with Fire/EMS/Police, Writing, and Social Media Firefighters, Police officers, Paramedics, Soldiers.... Those are the True Heroes.

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