Share Your World 2014: Week 47

This week, Cee has a little something different going on.  Instead of the usual 4 questions (or sometimes, though not done  in a while, the “what do you prefer” questions) she asks us ONE single question…  Or rather asks us to make a list…  A list of 50 things that we enjoy.

Here is the instructions from Cee:

List at least 50 Things You Enjoy.  Here are some categories to inspire your thinking.

  • Activities

  • Restaurants

  • People

  • Foods

  • Games

  • Drinks/Beverages

  • Desserts

  • Paintings

  • Web Sites

  • Writers

  • Famous lines from books/movies


Going to try and come up with something for each list.  Bear with me,  don’t know if I’ll succeed and the list is not in any particular order of more or less enjoyable…….




Learning about Medical stuff




Organ Grinder

Beni-Hannas (spelling?)

In & Out Burger

Dunkin Donuts

Krispy Kreme


Helen Keller



Swiss Cheese


Sugar Peas


Games (Haven’t really played any games in a long time, but here’s some I recall playing):

Solitaire (this was one of my favorite things to do growing up, besides reading & making up stories in my head.  Think my grandma taught me quite a few games)

Cribbage (another thing I learned from my grandma, if I recall)

Croquet  (can’t recall how it’s spelled, but played by hitting ball with hammer like thing between this U-shaped spike thing in ground.  Pretty sure I didn’t play correctly at time).

Twister  (Had some good times with this one, back when I could twist and turn better).

Uno (That game can get really interesting really fast and good or lots of laughs when you start hitting each other with skips & reverse & “draws”



Hot Tea

Hot Cocoa

Hot Apple Cider

Apple Juice

Grape Juice


Not a big drinker (in terms of alcoholic drinks) really, but here’s a couple I like:

RC with Crown Royal

 Midori (Melon liqueur


Key-Lime Pie (made with real key-limes, not the store bought “sweet” stuff they call “Key-Lime”)

Lemon Meringue Pie


Ice Cream 


Nothing to put here.  While I appreciate looking at good art work or paintings  there are none that I could point to to say “Woww I really like that”

Web Sites

I tend to spend most of my time on:




I also like using Google to research/look things up


Hard to choose favorite writers.  I just like to read and don’t really think about who the author is.  There are a couple I’ve read recently that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

Jerrid Edgington (but of course…  I mean books about Paramedics & Paramedicine always PLUS

Peter Canning is another good “Paramedic/Paramedicine” one, along with

Pat Ivey

Jane Carroll

Linda Bolton

Famous lines from books/movies

OK maybe these aren’t “famous”, but I like them.

 From Frisco Kid:  young rabbi:   “Ohhh Shhheeeeeet” / bank robber: “Oyyyyy GuyyVAAAAAULT”

Also from Frisco Kid:  “Here chickee chickee chickee, I don’t want to hurt you, I just want to eat you.”

And again from Frisco Kid:  “I think I have a solution…  I’l take California,  you can have the whole rest of the country/world/???”  (forget exact words used)….  “Can someone please show this poor shlmiel the way out of town.”

From 2nd (modern) Parent Trap:  Girlfriend:  “It’s Me or Them.”  Father:  “Them —  T-H-E-M, THEM!”

At one time I had watched the movie “Airplane” so many times I could practically say the lines right along with the actors.


Think I actually went over 50, but ohhh wellll.  Hope you enjoyed.


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