Word a Week Photograph Challenge: Companion

This week the Word of the Week for the “Word a Week” photo challenge (over at a Word In Your Ear) is Companion:

A companion isn’t always a person.  A companion can also be a pet, but not just any pet.  It is one that the person depends on for companionship, usually in cases where the person is house bound or bed ridden.  But that doesn’t have to be the case.  Many people see there pets as companions, as part of their family.

The closest I have to photographs that fit the topic for this week are those of my kitty Meekah.  She will often come to where ever me or my hubby are and find a place to lie down.  Sometimes, when I’m working in the office she’ll come in here and lie down on one of the boxes or under my desk.  When one of us goes to bed she’ll go lie down at the foot of the bed, though lately she’s taken to lying on a blanket that is being used to cover a mirror (part of the blanket lies on the ground and she likes to lie on that)…  She likes to be where we are (unless of course she’ galavanting outside) and loves to be brushed, petted, or have the underside of her chin scratched….  She’ll even give (at least she does for me) appreciative licks of thanks 😉

IMG_1293 IMG_2003 IMG_2030 IMG_2514 IMG_3219 IMG_3303 IMG_3304 IMG_3305




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