Daily Prompt: Reverse Shot – A First Memory

I watch the little girl who has come with her father to  see me.  She stands with her back against the wall, her eyes wide with excitement as she watches the firefighters of my department sliding down the pole and racing for the trucks in the bay.

Her father had come to drop off some paperwork bringing his young daughter with him.  I had been giving her a tour of the station and we had gotten to the bay where the firetrucks are kept when the alarms went off.  Without I, or her father, saying anything she backs up to the wall out of the way and watches.

I wonder what the future holds for this young girl.  What will she decide to do with her self as she grows older?  Will she become a firefighter or perhaps an EMT.  Either way, I can see she has an interest the fire service in what we do.

This was done in response to today’s Daily Prompt Reverse Shot.  I wrote it from the POV of Chief or Captain (?) Randy who worked for (if memory serves correctly) for the Springfield Fire Department (in the mid 1970’s).  Note: I do not remember for sure if he was Captain or Chief.  I wrote based on what I imagine he could have been thinking, though I did take some dramatic liberties.

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