#DailyPost: Free Write

Today’s Daily Post is a 10 minute “Free Write”…  No stops, No Pauses, No Edits….  Go

The difficulty I’m having here is knowing where to start….  or rather what to write about.  I’m sure there are many things I could come up with.  As I sit here trying to figure out what I should say,  I am watching old episodes of Air Crash Investigation on You tube.  It is amazing how much the show can teach about importance of Situational Awareness…  I will say that watching such shows are probably not in one’s best interest if planning on a flight in near future (but as this is not the case for me, I am good – right?!?).

Back to the show…  I am currently on Season 11 Episode 11 (the final episode will be Season 13 Episode 11- Getting Out Alive.  There’s actually a Season 14, but when I looked  didn’t see any episodes showing).

I can’t believe I’m down to only 3 minutes…  All that time and I’ve only gotten as far as one short paragraph…. Sad ;-(

There are other Air Crash Investigations related shows to watch  such as Confidential….  And then there is “Seconds from Disaster”

30 seconds left  and again I am stuck… 10… 9… 8…7……. 2… 1…  There goes my timer.


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