Pondering: Recess


From the Latin ‘recessus’ from ‘recedere’ – go back (see recede)

The word recess can have at least 2 (perhaps 3) meanings. A recess can be a dip or cavity; It can be an activity that is (or was) a part of the grade school day that took place on the playground. Incidentally, a court or legislative body might have a “recess” called to indicate a break (either for a meal – lunch or dinner, or even for the day).

The reason I say “possibly three meanings” is the word recession which, also, originates from the Latin word ‘recedere’ – to go back.

Recession – There are some that say we are in a continual state of recession in the current economy. I cannot speak in the truthfulness, or lack thereof, of that statement. I do know that the economy is not what it should be and the dollar doesn’t buy what it use to.

Recess – I don’t have any clear lasting memories of recess time from my childhood, only that we had one. I don’t remember it being an exceptionally wonderful time of day, but nor do I remember it being bad. It just was. As a child, I didn’t fit in with the other children and didn’t really make any friends that I would have played with on the playground during recess… I pretty much kept to myself. There are two things about recess or, more specifically, the playground that stick out in my memory. The monkey bars I believe they were called (anyone remember doing “cherry drops” off of those?) and the tether ball pole – I recall shimmying up that thing a number of times…. Ohhhh, and we did actually play tether ball as well.

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