Looking Through Windows

While out running errands with hubby the other day, I thought I’d see what there was that I could grab a picture of as we were driving (not so easy when your moving) for this weeks Sunday Stills Challenge: Through Windows.

These first two are also going to be used for another challenge Word a Week Photo Challenge: Red



There were some reddish brown containers on this train, but guess I wasn’t able to get them…. Didn’t think I had, but guess I got the locomotives at the front.

A couple military jets flew overhead, near by us, at one point:

I also got a picture of one of the mountains here (way off in the distance):

I kind of Thought this was an interesting shot. It’s not “taken through” a window per say, but looking at a window (though I guess it could count, because the shadow was coming from something on the other side):


3 thoughts on “Looking Through Windows

    • I did… It was interesting tryign to get good pictures going down the road… Even 30-40 mph was challenging to get good pictures. I enjoy all sorts of challenges (writing, blogging, and photo)… Sometimes I end up trying to do too much ;-P


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