Thinking of Starting Another Blog – Thoughts?!?

Lately, I can’t seem to get my mind of the thought of starting another (new) blog.  Yes,  you heard me right…  Another one, in addition to the 3 that I already have.  This new blog would be specifically about my writings as well as some thoughts on writing  and some books reviews (as I have time/ opportunity presents itself.

For one, all my Writer Wednesday Blog Hop stuff (including kick-off’s) would move over to the new blog, as well as Camp NaNoWiMo and other Challenges specific to writing (my blogging and photo challenges would stay here).  Also, moving over to the new blog would be any short stories, poems, and otherwise that I’ve done attempted.  I’ll keep the old stuff here (linking to it in new blog), but any new stuff would be over on the new blog.

So let me know your honest thoughts – Good, Bad, Indifferent, Otherwise.  Would people (you) follow on the new blog if I create it….  And then the next question.

What do I name it?


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