#CampNaNoWriMo: Fighting Writer’s Block and “Squirrel”

The good news is that  I did better than I thought I would and managed to get just over 850 words typed towards my CampNaNoWriMo goal today, keeping ahead of the game despite the increase (I can only blame me on this) from the original 10K to 15K.  According to the “Stats” chart  I’m still ahead (but I don’t have the “way ahead” lead that I had.


The bad news is that I spent a better part of the “writing portion” of my day struggling against Writer’s Block…  Yes, Steve Vernon, I realize that I just commited a big NO NO giving a name to that piece of negativity….  To make things more interesting  I’ve also been fighting the “squirrel” syndrome.  You know the one where every little thing conspired to distract you and if it doesn’t, your sure to find something yourself.

Guess it was a good thing that I had gotten a bit ahead (though not as much as was showing before I decided (stupidly) to increase my word count goal) as I didn’t get one lick of writing done yesterday and the day before that pretty well sucked.

Well, one more short blog to write and then it’s off to bed for me.  Hoping tomorrow will be at least as  good as today (or better).   I’d like to see the bars on that stats graph showing well above what’s needed to stay on task for goal – you know, just in case I have more bad days.


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