#DailyPrompt: “Can’t Stand Me” (or sound of my voice).

Seems like I am constantly finding myself with do much to do that I don’t get around to the Daily Prompt… Or I have nothing to say on the subject. Finally, one I can say something on (though time is still another matter)…


What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?

The simple answer?!? BOTH. In all honesty, however, hearing a recording of me (whether with video or audio only) is enough to make me cringe and scramble to hit the “off” switch (and I do mean hit). In my opinion, I sound perfectly AWFUL (believe me, there’s nothing “perfect” about the way I sound… Well at least I know never to take on a “phone” job :-P.

Speaking isn’t the easiest for me (especially on the fly). It’s never been diagnosed or confirmed, but sometimes I wonder if I suffer from a form of verbal dyslexia (or something) as I often find myself fumbling to think of the word I want (even simple, everyday, words elude me).

Reading out loud can also be interesting as, for some odd reason, I end up saying different words then what’s on the page – But at least I get the same meaning (usually).


One thought on “#DailyPrompt: “Can’t Stand Me” (or sound of my voice).

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