Coming Storm (Friday Fiction Story)

I haven’t done Rochelle’s Friday Fiction in a while…  Been involved in other things and the times I do get to blogging have been taken up with other blogging endeavors, but this one just spoke to me begging me to give it a go so here’s my story (I’m hoping my word count is okay.  It said 109, but it was still saying that after making changes so I don’t know – I know it’s higher with this lead in:

photo used with implied permission for sole purpose of this prompt only (source credit goes to Kelly sands)

Katie looked up at the storm clouds gathering over head.  Looked like another late afternoon thunderstorm was on it’s way.   She worked quickly to gather up the laundry she had put earlier to dry, knowing that the rains could come at any moment.  Already the winds were picking up making the branches of the trees sway.  Such was life during Monsoon Season.  You just never knew when the proverbial bucket was going to be overturned…  Never knew when a flash flood was around the corner.  Just in time, Katie got the last of the laundry inside just as the downpour started and the thunder and lightening began in earnest.


6 thoughts on “Coming Storm (Friday Fiction Story)

  1. Dear Tena,

    Nice to see you back. 😉 I felt the urgency of her taking down the laundry before the rains.
    For the record, intros and titles don’t count toward your word count. It’s when the story itself goes to 150 or more that take issue.

    Good one,




    • Rochelle 🙂 Thank you.

      I enjoy writing for these photo prompt (and similar) style challenges. Sometimes hard to get the “creative juices” flowing.

      Got a lot going on (maybe too much ;-)), but try to jump in when can. This month (July) I’m doing Camp NaMoWriMo as well 🙂


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