#WWBH Blog Hop – Kick Off: July 09, 2014

I had nearly forgotten that this week was my week to host the blog hop…  Nearly, but not quite.  I think it’s safe to say that all the ladies here at WWBH have a lot on our plates, but one thing we’ll never miss (or skip) is the weekly Wednesday Writer Blog Hop:


Before we head in to this week’s Blog Hop Kick-Off, let’s take a look at last week’s entries (just don’t forget to return back here when your done):

Fast Growing Cancer (by Tena Carr)

Things I know (by Scott Taylor)

The Flight (by Sally’s Scribbles)

OK, so now that your back…  I know the past couple weeks we’ve been doing one picture 5 words so I think I’m gonna shake things up a bit and go for 2 photos this week. I’m tempted to REALLY shake things up and combine the two types of WWBH and go for 2 photos ANDDDD  5 words – LOL.  But I’ll be nice (but you never know if or when I might change my mind 😉 😛

So here’s your 2 photos:




And for a refresher, don’t forget:

1) You MUST use both photos in your story

2) 500 Word Limit (or close to it – hey we’re not counting)

3) Link to the linky frog below – URL, Name, and eMail (or comment to your host:  Leanne, Heather, Debb, or myself)

4) Most important is to have fun and don’t stress/ panic/ lose sleep/freak out. Just let those juices flow.  We look forward to reading your stories.


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