Job Searching Has Changed

Was just thinking (started yesterday) about the changes that have occurred in job searching.

Use to be that one could write up one resume, print several copies (or make copies on copy machine), and hit the streets. Now each time you fill out an application you have to start from scratch each time. Of course, in all fairness, you would have to do the same thing with job applications. The main difference was that you could drop off a resume and fill out the actual job application only if there was an actual interest in the possibility of hiring you.

There was no guarantee that your resume would make it to the person (or people) in charge of hiring, but at least you knew it made it to a live person, instead of wondering if the application has been seen and rejected or simply lost in cyber-space. {Seeing as how things don’t often get lost in cyber-space (or infrequently), I have to assume my attempts at job applications have simply been rejected. Depressing thought but that’s another story.}


4 thoughts on “Job Searching Has Changed

  1. I haven’t done any job applications in years, but when I did i filled out an extra one and used it for a template. Every time I had to fill one out, it just went so much faster.


    • Yeah, but with everything being “online” you still have to type the info in individually… Each box has to be filled out. A template would help you to have your info handy so you get everything in, but still have to type each box one at a time.


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