Share Your World (2014) – Week 25

Sorry to be late on this…  Week 26 should already be in my inbox (email) by now…  Probably is, I just have to find it :-D.  In the mean time, here’s Week 25

What is your favorite type of dog?  (can be anything from a specific breed, a stuffed animal, drawing, cartoon or character in a movie or TV show)

It’s so hard to choose a favorite…  My aunt had a Black Lab named Lindsay  that I really liked  and a neighbor had a black lab named Happy that I also liked…  Both were extremely friendly.  Growing up I had an Irish Setter that “taught” me to walk.  I also like German Shepherds for their majestic, loyal ways…  On the other hand  if we were to actually get a dog a smaller (but not too small) breed would be best.

Name one thing not many people know about you.

One thing people won’t know (unless I mention it) is that I have a hole in my right ear drum.  As a child I had something called Cholesteotoma (basically fatty tissue growth) in my right ear.  Because of it I am partially deaf on my right side.  The actual “numbers” (based on hearing tests) aren’t all that low but practical hearing (as in out in the real world) is a different story – at least to me it is.

Have you ever gone scuba diving?  If you haven’t, would you want to?

Nope, never been….  It sounds like it might be interesting and I do like swimming, but I’m not so sure my ears would appreciate the pressure.  As a child I had to wear ear plugs to go swimming.  I don’t wear them anymore, but I still have to be careful not to swim to deep.

What was the most important event in your life last week? (anything goes it can be a good nights sleep, finished a reading book,winning the lottery, or getting married)

Well, I did attend my second “book release” party on Facebook  and my son headed out on yet another trip to see Grandpa.  This time he’s flying with (Step) Gramma.  I  put “step’ in parenthesis as we don’t think of her in terms of being a “step” gramma, but she is no longer married to my father (and was not my biological mother).




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