#DailyPrompt: Writing Space

This “Writing Prompt” on Writing Space is from the other day, but I did want to take a moment to write on it….

On the one hand I like to be left alone when I’m writing so I can concentrate on what I’m doing.  On the other hand if I’m really into it I can tune other things out like background noises and such…  But if someone is calling my name (like my husband or son)  I end up having to respond.  Since I do a lot of my heavy blogging/writing in the home office on my computer responding means getting up and going to where they are…  For some reason, “I’m busy” doesn’t work for more than a minute or so at best.  So at that point I’m now up (and not obviously busy)  so I must have the time to deal with whatever is that needs doing.  That aside, I find that I don’t need a specific writing space.  Just about anywhere will do.  I can “write” using my computer, my phone, even a small notebook will work for jotting down story notes, ideas, etc.

Of course there is the argument that I am reluctant to even call myself a “writer”…  Blogger?  Yeah, Sure – Love to blog (and do my best to do so every day).  But writing (actual writing) is another story.


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