Word of #WordPress Advice

A word of advice….

NEVER NEVER NEVER (repeat times infinitum) try to work your widgets via browser on phone.

All I wanted to do was peruse my widgets, but as I was attempting to do so my widgets got all screwed up so now some are in the wrong spot (and possibly some missing). Going to have to fix that from my main computer (when I can get on it later). Meanwhile, frustration city.


4 thoughts on “Word of #WordPress Advice

  1. The mobile version of WordPress is beyond worthless, complete pile of rubbish. I don’t post from my phone, edit from my phone, or do anything that isn’t checking my stats from my phone.


    • Actually the mobile app itself (particularly posting blogs) isn’t too bad… It’s when you try to access the dashboard through the internet browser that it gets iffy – or could just be my phone. Kept moving stuff around when I was just scrolling.


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