#Writing101: Twelve Year Old Perspective.

Dear Jo Jo,

Trying a little something different for today’s Writing Prompt 101 Assignment rather than a “story” my story

Our english teacher said that we’re suppose to write in a journal everyday.  We’re even suppose to give our journal a name, but I’m terrible with coming up with names so I just decided on “Jo Jo”.  Journal —  Jo —  Jo Jo.  That’s as creative as I can get.  I know a lot of the other girls are probably coming up with cute girly names, like Felicia or Bonnie or Melanie.  Something like that, but none of that sounds right to me and I can’t think of anything I like, so Jo Jo it is.

Today we were given the prompt to write about what would be our most favorite game to play with friends…  The problem is that I don’t have any friends.  Not really.    Sure some of the girls are nice to me.  Some are down right mean and look down there noses at me.   I know that it’s because of the way I dress – tom-boyish.  My clothes aren’t all frilly and fluffy.    Second hand, raggedy, jeans and t-shirts, perhaps a plain jumper, is really all mom can afford to get me.  To be honest it suits me fine.  I don’t care for all the fancy clothes anyway.  I prefer my jeans and t-shirts.  I can run, jump and all that better if I’m wearing jeans than if I were to be dressed.  Besides, I couldn’t go climbing and jumping over fences if I were in a dress, could I?!?  But even the girls that are nice to me don’t go out of their way to include me in anything.  Sure they smile and say “Hi” and all that, but that’s it.   Even if I am a tom-boy and not into all the girly things, it would still be nice to be included…  I don’t think the girls would be all that interested in playing games like chase.  I can play chase as good as any of the guys, but I don’t think the boys like the idea of a girl being able to beat them at their own game.

The teacher is  back up at the front of the class calling “time” and telling us to put our journals’s away…  So I guess this is good-bye for now Jo Jo.  Actually, I kind of like that name, Jo Jo… 

Not sure that/if I captured the perspective of a twelve year old…  It’s been a few years…  And I think I rambled a bit — I do that kind of thing sometime (LOL).

Bye for now Jo Jo,  

Margaret (Betty) Sue

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