#DailyPrompt: Seasonal Scents

What Seasonal Scents do you associate with summer?

For me I want to say the smell of barbecues  and grills.   Summer hits and so does the grilling.  Of course here in Arizona if your not wanting to add to the heat level of your house (or end up running your AC even more than usual), grilling is the best (I could say only) way to go.  Drive, ride, bike down the road (or even just go out in your own yard and you’ll smell barbecues going.   I’m sure some of what’s being grilled we couldn’t eat, but a lot of it smells darn good.

The second thing I would associate with summer is that of flowers blooming.   Again, here in Arizona I haven’t really noticed much in the way of scents when it comes to flowers.  Not that there aren’t any flowers, I just haven’t noticed any scents associated with them…  But growing up I remember the scents of various flowers.  Like the Double Delight Roses my dad grew  or the strong fragrant scent of the plant that grew right outside our front door (I don’t know that I ever knew what it was called).   I love the smell of flowers in bloom.  What about you?


3 thoughts on “#DailyPrompt: Seasonal Scents

  1. The scent of roses are a favorite of mine…found your blog through the Daily Post. I’ve enjoyed reading some of the entries today. Maybe I will give it a go one of these days.


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