21st Century Citizen – Fit or No

Looking at the  writing prompt for today in Daily Post’s  E-Book 365  it says,

“Do you belong in this day and age?  Do you feel comfortable being a citizen of the 21st century?……”

To be honest, the answer is not really…  At least I don’t think I do.  But I really can’t say where I would belong.   I’m drawn to the Pioneer era, back at the times of the Wagon Trains and The Oregon Trail, but that’s not to say that would be the best fit for me as far as a time to live.

In some ways I am a bit old fashion and conservative and have (without necessarily meaning to) given off the idea that crude vulgar talk would be something that I would find distasteful.  More than once I’ve had people worry that I would take offense to such talk, only to surprise them with my lack of concern that such talk was going on around me.  In such things I guess I really wouldn’t fit in the “olden days”  since a “lady” would find such things utterly distasteful and vulgar (but then, as I tell people, I’m no lady :-P)…  But then sometimes, in some ways,  I think I’d fit it in better when it comes to morales and the simpler (not necessarily meaning less hard work) way of life.

I think there’s so much about our life in this day and age that is rushed.  Rush to get here, rush to get there,  Rush to get this done, rush to get that done.  Responses are expected immediately and Heaven forbid if you’re not available to answer your phone that second, or at the very least call back in the next five minutes…  We won’t even talk about if you don’t return phone calls before the end of the day (incidentally, I’m referencing to the private sector/personal level as opposed to a business of some sort).    Don’t get me wrong, I’m on Facebook, twitter, etc just as much as the next guy (ok maybe not that much)…  But sometimes it seems as if we end up staying glued to such things just to be able to keep up and respond instantaneously,  because Heaven forbid it should wait.


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