#DailyPrompt: Night Time Rituals – What Keeps You Awake

I don’t really have anything for today’s prompt which was “Groundhog Week”  if you want to check it out.  This last week wasn’t all that big of a deal really.  Nothing I’d care to live over.  I do want to go back to yesterday (hope that’s allowed…. but even if not, hear I go anyway.

Yesterday’s prompt was Sleepy Time

What are the nighttime rituals that keep you up before finally dozing off?”

Depending on what the day has been like (and how much I’ve had going on that particular day) sometimes it is at night that I really get to sit down and catch up on all the going-on’s in the world of email, facebook, twitter, blogs, etc.   Being an at home mom, I am afforded the “luxury” of monitoring these things throughout the day.  How much I get to monitor is dependent on what’s going on around the house and what my family needs me for.   I might have times where I’m on frequently and then others where I’m not on at all… ohhh but we were talking about the whole nighttime thing.  As I was saying,  night is one of those times where I really get to sit down and catch up on everything (including, like now, my blogging).  The other time I get to do this kind of stuff is early early in the morning depending on what time I get up and what time the rest of the family is up….  But back to the nighttime….  The difficulty is finding a stopping point…  one more facebook, one more twitter, one more email, one more blog, one more……


One thought on “#DailyPrompt: Night Time Rituals – What Keeps You Awake

  1. I have that same thing going on with me, the “oh, let me play just one more game” and “Ooh, I need to write this down”… only in my case, it’s always in the morning before work. Drat! 🙂


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