Thoughts on Extrovert/Introvert

Last night we (me and the hubby) got to talking about the whole Extrovert/Introvert thing.  Only a small percentage of people actually fall into one of the two extremes of being completely Extroverted or completely Introverted.  Most of us fall somewhere in between the two on the scale.   When you take the Myers-Brigges test, the lower you are on the scale (of 1 to 10) the more Introverted you are and conversely, the higher you are the more Extroverted.

I think of it as a measure (of sorts) of how much “social interaction” you can take before you reach your limit and need “alone time” to rejuvenate.  As you might expect, someone who is more towards the Extrovert side can handle quite a bit of social interaction before reaching their limit, while an Introvert considerably less so.  The “scale” can also be a measure of how small or large of a crowd you can handle before it becomes too much…  Again, an extrovert can be quite comfortable  in large crowds, talking to many people while an introvert in the same situation might become quickly over-whelmed and would likely feel more comfortable in smaller group settings.  The lower a person is on the scale (ie leaning towards introvert) the smaller the group of people they are going to be comfortable with.

An Interesting note is that when me and my hubby took this test (many years ago)  I was just on the side of introvert enough to call me an “introvert” while he was just on the side of Extrovert to call him an “Extrovert”   Both of us tested as being STJ’s


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Extrovert/Introvert

  1. Tena, my understanding is that introverts do best with one on one conversations, where extroverts actually thrive in groups. Introverts tend to need alone time to think things through, while extroverts NEED to talk in order to think. They think out loud. I know I tend toward introvert, and I think you probably do too!


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