Steve’s Music Mix: Football? Just Give Them All A Ball

I don’t Want England to win because……

George Strait – If You’re Thinking You Want A Stranger (There’s One Coming Home)

Personally, I don’t care if England wins or not…  To me it’s about a good game.  Sure I might root for the home team (or team closest to be a “home” team to me…    And, if you ask me,  there’s no relation between George Strait or “If Your Thinking You Want A Stranger” and football, England, Winning or any of the such…..  But the rules say use the title of the song that comes up as your answer….  So there goes.

My goal is…..

Power Music – 01 – Forget You

This is suppose to be about football right?!?  Well then, sorry, no goals for you….  So I guess this fits – if you change the title to “FORGET IT!!”  As in Forget it, No football goals here.

And, if perchance, we’re talking just regular every day goals one might have in life….  I didn’t know I was purposely trying to Forget you (whoever you is suppose to be).  Personally, I can’t think of anyone I’m trying to forget.

Which team will win?

Kenny Loggins – Rainbow Connection

Ohhhh, ummmm, okay….  Didn’t know there was such a team 😛  But if there is, and perchance they win, well then all the power to them…. As long as they play a good game and win fair and square (no cheating allowed) – LOL.

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