#DailyPrompt: Rare Medium

So today we are asked to describe a typical day using a rarely used medium or form (based on the blogging style of each person individually).  To read more about today’s prompt check out: The DailyPost – Rare Medium.

Since I generally do (or rather try my hand at) short stories mixed with some Thoughts & Opinions (guess this would classify as rants in a matter of speaking)…. Ohhh and photography (well picture taking anyway)…  How about I try my hand at a bit of poetry (although I have some of that on here too).


A schedule sits in front of me,  A schedule I try to keep.

There’s so much on my plate

A schedule would surely help keep things in line.

I soon find myself giving up,  It’s not worth the hassle.

Something always throws the schedule out the window.

“I’ll try again another day”  I say

Perhaps I will, Perhaps I won’t.


So there’s my little poem for today 🙂


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