#WWBH Kick-Off (and Blog Hop Winner): June 11, 2014

Update:  There was another entry to last weeks blog hop that I missed when putting this week’s “kick-off” together.   Luccia Gray joined us in last week’s blog hop with The Wedding Invitation.  We (the Blog Hop Ladies) hop this is the first of more WWBH stories to come 🙂

Monthly Blog Hop Winner: Scott Taylor

Before we get the party started, I would like to announce this month’s (June) Blog Hop Winner – Scott Taylor (Scotty Watty Doodle All The Day).  You should head over and take a look at his blog.  Not only is Scott our “Blog Hop Winner” for this month, but he is also in the top running for the most WWBH Posts written so far this year – A whopping 15 🙂

Check out “Updated WWBH Page” to see where other people placed on the list.



This week, I’m going to keep in line with what the other co-hosts have been doing for their turn at the wheel…  That is the “1 picture/5 words” idea.  I’m sure you all know the rules, but for any newcomers (as well as to refresh our memories, for you veteran WWBH posters out there – hey who can’t use a refresher right?!?)  Here they are again:

  1. Your story must include the 5 words provided and be related to the photograph in some way.
  2. Keep your story to 500 Words.  We’re not counting, but lengthy blog posts can be difficult to read through for some (we want all to enjoy) and these are meant to be “short stories”
  3. Make sure to link your story to the froggy thing at buttom of this post (or comment to myself, or the wwbh co-host your are following (Leanne, Heather, or Debb).
  4. While it is not mandatory to read the blogs listed below (from last week’s entries) reading, liking, commenting, and sharing is how we help each other grow as bloggers and writers 🙂
  5. This is the most important of all:  HAVE FUN and let those Juices Flow…  May the “Muse” be with you.

Last week’s entries include:

And now for this week’s picture and 5 words:


  •  Electromagnetic
  • Menopause
  • Shopping
  • Crummy
  • Footing

(So you know, these words were randomly chosen from my desk dictionary using a “flip open page, close eyes, and, point” method – thus the strange word choice 😉

Make sure you link up to froggy below to see your story in next weeks Blog Hop 🙂


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