#Writing 101: A Character – Building Experience

Today’s Writing 101 Assignment is to:

“write about the most interesting person you’ve met in 2014. In your twist, develop and shape your portrait further in a character study”


Another day on the ‘Boo Boo’ bus.  David couldn’t help but chuckle at his partners apt description for the ambulance they worked on together — And fitting.  Seemed they spent much of their time taking care of “boo boos”.  But then something big would happen, something that really  tested their skills like a cardiac arrest or an abdominal Aneurysm (those really got his blood pumping).  As sad as it was to see people hurting and dying it was these moments that brought out the best in him.

Many of David’s colleagues had succumbed to various crutches to get through the hardships of what they saw in their line of work.  Alcohol and drug use was one of those unspoken realities.  Everyone knew it happened, but no one spoke up about it.  David was different from the others for one main reason….  His believe in God and his belief that this was where God wanted him.    There had been a reason his life had been spared in that terrible accident… The one that had taken his best friend and mentor’s life.  It was because of this friend that David had decided to take a chance and go for his EMT license in the first place.  There was also the fact that he really did love his job.  David couldn’t see himself doing anything else.  There was only one thing he loved more than being a paramedic – His little angel baby, Samantha who had just turned 1 month old a couple days ago.   Between his shifts on the ambulance and helping care for a newborn, David didn’t get much sleep these days…. But he wouldn’t change a thing, not for the world.

David stretched his long legs as he got out of his Ford F-150 and made his way over to the ambulance where his partner, Mark, was already busy stocking up.

“She’s almost ready”  Mark said…. “Hey, you okay?”

“Yeah, just thinking of my friend Rich”  David replied

David’s partner simply nodded in understanding.   Men didn’t talk about feelings and such nonsense.

“I’m driving” David announced, with a grin, pulling rank.

Fitting his average 5’8 frame behind the wheel, David couldn’t help but think that perhaps it was time to hit local gym….  Too many donuts & cookies were catching up with him…

“Ready to roll?”  Mark asked as he jumped in to the passenger seat.

“Ready” David replied putting the rig in gear and heading towards their first “post” point.   Part way there, the radio crackled life.  “Unit 253” Difficulty Breathing…


I don’t get out all that much so most of the people I meet are those I meet online…  There are two that I’ve recently met (I may be stretching the line a bit  on the “met in 2014” bit, as outlined in the assignment)….  One (of whom the above story is based) was Jerrid Edgington.  Jerrid is a writer and a paramedic (two things near and dear to me).  He is the kind of person who has a big heart and a huge sense of humor.  He has an unwavering belief in God and a deep love for his family.  I did take a few liberties in the writing of the story (and have to admit that there may very well be some grammatical errors in place).

The other was Leanne Sype (a wife, a mom, a writer, a professional editor. and firm believer that God has his reasons….).  Her “story” may just have to be a part two for this writing assignment (a bit cheating) 😉


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