#Writing 101: A Character – Building Experience (part 2)

Today’s Writing 101 Assignment is to:

“write about the most interesting person you’ve met in 2014. In your twist, develop and shape your portrait further in a character study”

I mentioned in the first post for this assignment that were two people I had recently met (maybe not 2014 exactly, but close to it) that I admire.   In the last post I wrote about Jerrid Edgington… Now it’s time for Leanne’s story (and Leanne, I apologize for any grammatical errors there may be in the story – grammar is not my forte or strong suit).

I know there are other directions I could have taken this story, other things I could have written about, but this was the story that popped in my mind…  The story (fictional based it may be) that begged to be told.


“Mommy!!!!!!”  Sally shrieked as she came tearing down the hallway as fast as her little 3 year old legs could carry her. “MOMMMMYY!!!!!”   Her 7 year old brother, James followed close behind.

Jennifer pushed the meager plate of food she had made for herself aside, the mood for eating disappearing quickly.  It looked as though eating would have to wait till later. That is if she was lucky enough for the urge to eat to return.    Jennifer could go days on end without feeling a real urge to eat anything, surviving on liquids (mostly water) and perhaps bites of bread or an occasional carrot or celery stick from the stash put aside for her kids.

Most people didn’t understand what it was like not being able to eat, not being able to sit down and actually enjoy a meal.  They didn’t understand how just the thought of touching food sent shivers up and down her spine or how most textures would make her gag.  “Clean foods” like carrots, celery, grapes, apple slices, that didn’t make her feel messy, were okay.    Thank God, her husband, Dennis, loved to cook so at least her kids got to enjoy good, home-cooked, meals.

It might not be so bad if the difficulty ended there, but to make matters worse    Jennifer couldn’t even manage to eat together with her family.   Attempts at eating, something Jennifer could only do when the urge to eat hit her, took substantial amounts of effort and concentration.  Each bite was a chore.  Just picking up the food could be torture.  Some days she would go out to the large shed that sat on their 15 acre property, where no one would hear her, and scream at God for awhile, “Why can’t I be normal?  Why does eating have to be so difficult?”  That was another thing people didn’t understand, her relationship with God.   How often had she heard that she wasn’t “Right with God”  that if she were a “Real Believer” she wouldn’t be afflicted like she was.  But Jennifer knew deep in her heart that such talk was nonsense, that God loved her, and that he was guiding her each and every step of her recovery (and she was recovering)…

“What is it sweetheart?”  Jennifer asked, putting her attention on the young child standing before her with tear stained eyes.

“James threatened to cut Cindy’s hair off,” Sally cried clutching the spoken of doll tightly in her hand.

“Aww Mom, I was only teasing her”  James replied.

“What have I taught you about teasing and about how we should treat people’s stuff, especially when it’s not our own?”

“That we should treat other people’s stuff better than we treat our own.”  James hung his head down shamefully.  “I’m sorry Sally,”  He muttered.



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