Haunted House Surprise (A #WWBH Blog Hop Story)


Mandatory words:

My original story was going to be about a couple, and a party, and drinking, and how drinking affects one of them…  But then part way through I realized I had the wrong word in my mind (alter instead of altar), so I had to change my story.  I started afresh and the idea of a haunted style story popped into my mind.  So here goes…..

Haunted House Surprise

“Come on Molly, don”t be such a sissy,” Amber chided as she tapped the toe of her favorite Hi-Tops.

“Why couldn’t you wear more sensible shoes instead of those stupid flip-flops”  she thought to herself while she waited for her twin sister to catch up.

“I don’t know,” Molly fretted, finally catching up to her sister, “Mom said we shouldn’t be going around there.  Besides I heard the places was haunted and that evil things are always  happennning there”

“Oh pooh, you know there aint no such thing as a place being haunted, Silly goose.  Next thing, you’ll be telling me that there are huge foot long locusts that eat the skin off anyone who ventures inside.” Amber teased, knowing her sister’s fear of such insects.   “Besides, mom won’t know a thing if we don’t tell her, right?!?”

“If you tell her, I’ll tell her it was you that took her favorite necklace and broke it,” Amber said, trying to guilt  Molly when she hesitated.

“I didn’t take it, I burrowed it and it was an accident that it got broken…”  “Fine, I won’t say anything” Molly relented, “But I don’t like this… I got a bad feeling…”

The front door opened with a squeak as Amber pushed on it.  “See there’s nothing here, just some dust and cobwebs” Amber said as she stepped inside.

Molly followed Amber inside the decrepit old building.  She didn’t want to go in, but then she didn’t want to leave her twin sister to go in by herself.  What if something bad were to happen…  Besides, they had always done everything together ever since the day they were born (or at least it seemed that way).  Molly just wished her sister wouldn’t act so darn  superior.  As if being older (by only 9 minutes) made her the boss or something.

“Hey, Molly,  Come here and look at the picture over by this altar” Amber called to her.   Molly went over to where Amber stood studying a photograph that hung from the wall.  It was covered in cobwebs, but Molly could barely make out the picture.  It appeared to be a women, possibly the same age as their mother,  holding a hand of cards at some sort of party.  In fact it looked just like their…

Molly and Amber both screamed as each felt a hand on their shoulder.  Turning, they let out a breath when they realized it was only their mother….  Except that it wasn’t….

Word Count:  415


7 thoughts on “Haunted House Surprise (A #WWBH Blog Hop Story)

  1. Well done, Tena! WHen we were kids some of my friend’s parents wouldn’t let them play with face cards…maybe those cards really are evil 😉 And, of course, who’s the non-mom? Readers and scared twins want to know! Good job!


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