Updated The ” #WWBH Stories” Page

I know I’ve been slacking off on keeping the WWBH Stories Page current and up to date – several months to be exact.  The good news?  I now have it updated.  Keep thinking that I’ll get around to adding stories from years (or at least year – 2013 – past, but for now that project is on a perpetual hold as it is time consuming and there’s a lot of other things on my plate to keep me going.

Noticed there’s still time, barely, to add your story for this week Blog Hop – Make sure you link to the froggy thing (or you can comment your link below along with your name/title as you want it to appear.

I also took the liberty to count up the different submissions.  Half way through the year and we’ve had approximately 21 WWBH Kick-Offs.  Scott Taylor took the lead with his 15 submissions (Thank You Scott), with Sally’s Scribbles following on his heels with 11.  HJ Musk stepped into third (everyone’s first in my book) with 10 submissions and LeAnne and myself tied up with 9 a peice… piece (i before e except after….).

An honorary mention goes to Tony Roberts (new comer to the WWBH scene as well as to Karen Knapp and C.R. Fowler for taking the time to enter.

I, also, want to thank the WWBH Ladies (co-hosts) LeAnne Sype, HJ Musk, and Debb Stanton, helping to bring you the WWBH each Wednesday (in your email, reader, or however your receiving t his).


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