Steve’s Music Mix: Is The Answer In The Question Or Is The Question In The Answer…?

For some unknown reason I was expecting four questions, instead of three…  Had to look back at least a couple times to double check that I hadn’t missed a question in there somewhere —  Nope, three it is.   Here are the questions and the corresponding tunes.

Why does it always rain on me?

This Is It (by Kenny Loggins

Not sure what to say here.  I mean how in the world can I even relate this to rain, much less why it’s always raining on me (which it doesn’t always do – unless it’s Monsoon Season (in which case I tend to stay indoors – standing out in the showers when I was younger is one thing, downpours and my current age = quite another).

Where is the Love?

Give It Away (by George Strait)

Gone are the days of youthful belief in a perfect love.  Ohhh I still enjoy romance books (guess I always will), but more because I enjoy reading about people and relationships and such…  My mind tends to be more analytical when reading than mushy-minded.  But I’m digressing (as usual).    So often the words of love seem just that -Words.  How easy it is to say “I love you” (heck we throw the words around on Social Media (“Luv Ya”) with deceptive ease).  My biggest issue (confession time)  is the inability to believe that I can be loved for me.  I mean if you love me for me, quit trying to change me – Accept me as I am (faults and all).

How will I know?

Baruch Adonai (Joel Chernoff)

Yes,  I do have a feel inspirational type songs in my play list.  I don’t flaunt my religious thoughts.  I might blog from time to time something that may stem from there, but for the most shy away from religious (as well as political) posting.  For one, not wanting to get into headed debates & discussions and thus have to justify or explain myself (which I invariably suck at).  Not to mention, I am no Saint or a Goody Two Shoes or …..

That being said, I don’t really have much a comment to add here.    Just “Blessed be the Lord who knows all who knows each hair on our head, knows our hearts, knows…..  But then that’s just my thought, take it as you wish and as you will.

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